Updates and Fixes 10/4/23

Updates and Fixes 7/12/23

Updates and Fixes 7/7/23

Updates and Fixes 6/28/23

  • Live Damage Calculator will now tell users if the enemy hunter should have been on fire if using fire ammo at the given distance. Note that salvskin will stop hunters from lighting.

Updates and Fixes 6/26/23

  • Large update to data and missing infomation on the Effective HS range Map. Added missing guns and fixed a lot of incorrect data. (Side note listen to teachers and dont get info from wiki)
  • Added some ground work for Fire Ammo in upcoming 1.13 Update. Damage Calculator will now also tell users if in provided range the enemy hunter will catch fire or not.

Updates and Fixes 6/19/23

  • Updated the Damage Calculator to calculate automatically when users draw a line or manually enter in the distance.

Updates and Fixes 6/14/23

  • Upscaled the quality and resolution of the maps. Thank you Skoll (SageGaming67 on Reddit) for providing me with the Maps. Thanks to u/Original_GumPum and Badkiller8 for making the maps.
  • Fixed an odd bug when using Firefox only.

Updates and Fixes 6/13/23

  • Decided against a landing page and added a menu to the top of each page.
  • Seperated some features into thier own pages.
  • Moved links to different maps to the top menu and off of the side options.
  • Update the Damage Drop Off Calculator. Added better formatting, updated some wrong info, fixed one bug.
  • Fixed some scaling issues.

Updates and Fixes 6/12/23

  • Added Damage Drop-off Calculator to the home page of the website.
  • Fixed some bugs and updated some Damage amounts on the Calculator
  • Adjusted some styling and font issues
  • Laid down some code and frame work for a landing page instead of going right to the map.

Updates and Fixes 6/1/23

  • Fixed bug where maps would close when trying to draw a line on them. - Thank you PurpleDoom for your bug report.
  • Laid down fondation for Damage Calculator
  • Back end code fixes to make the website load faster.

Updates and Fixes 5/30/23

  • Updated UI for more modern feel
  • Updated UI buttons to stay highlighted when they are active
  • Some misinformation fixes
  • Fixed some bugs

Updates and Fixes 5/25/23

  • Changed Effective HS Range to link to another HS Map
  • Added Effective HS Range Map to the site
  • Added all the guns to the HS Range Map
  • Added Fog Time of Day Map
  • Adjusted some layout and phrasing in the right hand menu
  • Some UI spacing improvements

Updates and Fixes 5/24/23

  • Added Backend Google Analytic for me :)
  • Some bug fixes that have been bothering me.
  • Updated some UI issues and made some improvments to look and flow
  • Seperated Sound traps and hunter sounds
  • Added walking on glass and though chains sound ranges
  • Added Hunters Meele sound range

Updates and Fixes 5/23/23

  • Updated and added the map zones.
  • Updated button spacing and layout.
  • Updated map size to better fix a 1080p browser.
  • Changed the Effective HS Range buttons to dropdowns to fit all weapons betton on the screen.
  • Updated sound trap range buttons wording to convey more info. They look ugly though will update again.
  • Added Dark Sight Range
  • Added dog and chicken coop sound trap range

Updates and Fixes 5/22/23

  • Updated the Map Selection maps. Maps are now new and from in game. They better represent the current maps.
  • Updated the spawn point maps and spawn point icons
  • Updated the beetle spawn maps and beetle icons
  • Updated the tower and lookouts maps
  • Added permanent stockpiles to each tower map represented by a green ammo crate.
  • Map compound names have been moved around so that they should not be in the way when trying to make measurements for common fights / line of sights.